The Unseen Hero


Guardian glass - The Unseen Hero

How do you create a print ad showing a product that can’t be seen? That was the challenge we faced with Guardian’s new glass for museum displays. We decided to play with the amazing objects that are shown behind the glass. Because, surely, truly transparent glass is just as amazing as an old dragon head or samurai costume?

  • Nominated in Guldägget

  • Exceeded campaign targets in just a few weeks.

Guardian Glass, seated in Michigan, is one of the largest manufacturers of window glass in the world, for both commercial and private use. Guardian Glass have produced a new glass with a very special surface coating; Guardian Clarity.

This glass only reflects a fraction of the light compared to a regular glass. This makes it ideal for use in museum displays where it solves a reoccurring problem for curators and museum directors – the risk of the protective glass actually obstructing the experience .


The challenge lies in the perception within the target group that ”glass is glass”. That most glass products are alike. They lack knowledge in how much different manufacturers and products actually differ in quality. So, how do you communicate such a convenient product in a new and exciting way?


Truly invisible glass is an accomplishment that's taken 4 000 years to achieve. 


In this campaign we focus on how the undetectable Guardian Clarity glass is almost as amazing as the objects it protects. In spite of it being barely visible.