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Living with lag – Living with Lag

In Umeå, Sweden, local internet provider offers one of the world fastest connections. To increase awareness, we devised and executed an experiment that highlighted one of internet’s biggest disturbances: lag.

  • 6.2 million earned Youtube-views.

  • 78 million earned impressions.

  • 54% increase in sales.

  • Selected coverage: Mashable, Fast Company, Daily Mail, Engadget, CBS NEWS, AOL Entertainment, 9GAG, The Verge, Hypebeast, Gizmodo, Aftonbladet, C-net and much more.



Many people are so used to lag that they accept it as an unavoidable part of the Internet, which prevents them from actually looking for a solution. We need to remind them of how annoying lag really is.


We equipped four volunteers with a custom-built lag machine programmed to adjust video resolution and simulate real-time buffering and delay. The volunteers were given simple tasks like cooking and eating, resulting in messy consequences. Illustrating just how frustrating slow connections can be, the experiment was turned into a short online film and strategically published online, giving a local broadband provider global recognition. 

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