Extraordinary Powers - At Work


Unionen - Extraordinary powers at work

Unionen is Sweden’s largest private-sector union. They had been battling falling membership numbers for years and like most unions, they lacked a clear identity. To illustrate the difference being a member of Unionen does for your worklife, we created the concept Extraordinary powers - at work.

  • Silver in 100-wattaren

  • 200 000 new members had been recruited a few years after launch.




- To increase membership numbers, and thereby influence, we needed to focus on personal benefits, not just the higher cause. 

- Daring to talk about important issues in an non depressing way will make people more inclined to listen.

- Unionen have loads of different perks that are helpful for civil servants. We needed to find a way to package them all together. 


The concept "Extraordinary Powers at Work" features ordinary Unionen member who have  taken full advantage of Unionens many services. Their newfound skills have however gone somewhat to their heads. 

Unionen insures your income

Income Insurance is one of the many great powers you get when you join Unionen. And since Organizerman is known to have a large gull (mouth in swedish) he might need it. 

Unionen Study Grant

Why is Miss X'CL all of a sudden speaking in korean? 

Prepare for your wage negotiation

Not sure what to ask for at your next salary meeting? Don't worry, just use Unionens new app - Löneratorn (The Salarater)