The Crushing Crescendo


Atlas Copco MT65 -
The Crushing Crescendo

Atlas Copco’s new Minetruck MT65 can carry 5 tonnes more than ever before. But when the capacity changes from 60 tonnes to 65 tonnes, 5 tonnes might not seem that much. We needed to show how much 5 tonnes really is in a way that would get the mining community talking.

  • Sales goal exceeded by 128%

  • 1 million + views on Facebook.

  • 2 nominations in 100-wattaren.

  • Covered on American national TV.



1. An object never feels as heavy as when it strikes the ground after a high fall.

2. The popularity of Facebook groups like Mining Mayhem proves that few communites loves a bit of destruction as much as miners. 


Sometimes it’s best not to complicate things, but just drop a giant boulder from a cliff.  We commissioned a piece of music by Grammy-nominated Christoffer Berg, where the final note was played by a 5 tonnes boulder. The stone was accompanied by a robot band performing it’s own requiem. 


The campaign was talked about within the mining industry worldwide, and were picked up by US Television and radio. The campaign film was a great success on Facebook with over 1 million views. Most importantly, the sales goals were exceded by 128%


The Crushing Crescendo - Case study

Featured on national TV