Casa del Desierto


Guardian Glass - Casa del Desierto

Getting a pleasant indoor climate in Spain isn’t easy. Air Conditioning is the most common way to solve the problem, resulting in high electricity bills. Few people saw a change of window glass as a way to control the temperature of their home.

We decided to put Guardian’s glass to the hardest challenge possible, by building a house of glass in the middle of the Bardenas desert. The house is completely self sufficient with no external climate control, and still greets passengers throughout the entire year.

To maximize the pr-potential of the project, we worked together with some of the best architects and sustainability experts in the world - normally spending their time at places such as Harvard University, OFIS architects and Transsolar. This, combined with Guardians glass expertise, made the building not only look spectacular, but also push the boundaries when it comes to sustainable living. 

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house of the desert

The Gorafe desert is considered to be one of the harshest places in Europe with extreme heat in the summer and temperatures below zero in the winter. What better place to challenge the elements? 


the Building

Covering 20 square metres, the house includes a bedroom, a bathroom and a living room, and sits on a wide open space overlooking the landscape.