Art of Robustness


Atlas Copco Boomer S2 - Art of Robustness

The Boomer S2 is Atlas Copcos new automated drill rig. Even though the Boomer is a 20 tonnes beast of a machine, it still faced a common opinion in the mining world - automated products can’t be robust enough for hard work. 

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- Automated mining machines are falsely believed to be less robust.

- The popularity of Facebook groups like Mining Mayhem proves that few communites loves a bit of destruction as much as miners. 


We needed to put the delusion that automated rigs can't be robust to rest and we did it by putting the Boomer to the ultimate pressure: The Hydraulic Press Guy. HPC-guy, or Lauri Vuohensilta, is part time machine shop owner and part time host of the Hydraulic Press Channel. A youtube channel with over a million subscribers which is hugely popular in the mining and tunneling world.

In every episode Lauri puts a new object to the pressure, and so far nothing had been robust enough to survive. So we gave the Boomer a chance to show of both it’s robustness and it’s automated drilling prowess. 


Who's the hydraulic press guy?